I’m on my way * The Blues Keep Knockin’ * Amarilla * Cool Cool Love * Good Lookin’ Daddy * Make It Allright * Don’t Cry I’ll Be There * Bad Baby Doll * I’m Outta Here * Let’s Have Fun Tonight * Almost Anything * Never Had A Love * Hurry Hurry Baby * When I Love You * I Got Trouble * I Got Love So True (For You)

The Round Up Boys are a german rockabilly/rock'n'roll band from Berlin (this town seems to be one of the rockinest in Europe !!!): Michael "Humpty" Kirscht on vocals & lead guitar, Axel Praefcke on rhythm guitar, Markus "Lucky" Lehmann on upright bass and Torsten Peukert on drums. This CD is the second long player by this band, following their wild & fantastic "Lift Off! Like A Rocket And Rock" released in 2003, they had an EP and a single released before that by Favourite Records. This one's published by Rhythm Bomb Records and has been recorded at the Lightning Recording Service in Berlin. You’ll find sixteen tracks on this record, fourteen originals (!) and two covers, Buck Trail's rockabilly "The Blues Keep Knockin'" and a Darry Weaver's ballad (originally with Eddie "session man" Cochran on guitar), "Bad Baby Doll": Both have been improved by the band in my opinion!! Among the original songs, there are real fine boppin' tracks ("Cool Cool Love", "Make It Allright", "Don't Cry I'll Be There", the wild "I'm On My Way", "Let's Have Fun Tonight" ...), some ballads ("Never Had A Love" with superb vocal, "I Got Trouble" with piano & backing vocals), a good rockabilly number ("Amarilla"), and excellent rock'n'roll tracks with Sax by Ike Stoye ("Good Lookin' Daddy", "I'm Outta Here", & "When I Love You"). This second release is not as wild as the first one, but it shows the excellent musical skills of the band: they can switch from a rockin' style to an other with perfection. Try to catch them live and you'll see what I mean. According to me they are one of the top european rockin' band. My favourite tracks are "I'm On My Way", "I Got Love So True" and "Never Had A Love".
Rhythm Bomb Records
Lightning Recording Service
The Round Up Boys Website


Ain't That A Dilly * Cooly Fooly Boy * Skip Jack Rock * Stood Up * Honey Bun * Preachin' Shuffle Blues * How Could She Be Bad * Everybody's Tryin' To Kiss My Baby * Ten Times Better * All Night Long * Cat Shack * Tana Louise * Till The Cows Come Home * Do You Wanna Dance * Why You Need A Proof

The band Little Neal & The Blue Flames is an authentic rock'n'roll/rockabilly quartet from Berlin, Germany: Little Neal on vocals & lead guitar, Maurice (ex-bassist for Ike & The Capers) on rhythm guitar, Alexander on drums & Sascha on upright bass. After some recordings on the german samplers "Rough Rockin'" volume 1 & 2, and also a 4 tracks EP on Favourite Records, here is their long, long awaited first album (at least by me !!). It's been recorded at the excellent Lightning Recording Service in Berlin, & edited by the german company that owns this studio, Rhythm Bomb Records. The sound is vintage and really good (as usual from this studio). Fifteen tracks on this CD: Six late 50's rock'n'roll covers and nine self penned tracks. The covers are excellent, especially Marlon Grisham’s "Ain’t That A Dilly", Larry Donn’s "Honey Bun" (with piano), Jerry Ross's "Everybody's Tryin To Kiss My Baby" and Bob Luman’s "All Night Long". The original songs are even better: rockin' tracks ("Skip Jack Rock", "Cat Shack", "Why You Need A Proof"), boppin' ones ("Cooly Fooly Boy", "How Can She Be Bad", "Till The Cows Come Home") and an awesome strollin' blues ("Ten Times Better"). This four hepcats are superb musicians, the drum(!!!)/bass/rhythm guitar section maintains a good rockin' beat throughout the record, & Neal on lead guitar shows that breaks can be real wild with a clean sound (His vocal is also really good). On four tracks, the participation of a backing vocal band (the Mellow Men) contribute to the rock'n'roll sound of this album. A superb first CD, so let's hope that the band will tour again soon outside germany !!!
Rhythm Bomb Records
Lightning Recording Service
Little Neal & The Blue Flames Website


Hobo Bop * I Belong To You * Jello Sal * Rock My Baby Tonight * Walkin' Talkin' Baby * Moving On * 309 * All That I Need * If You Want My Love * Baby Take Me Back * Blue Moon Baby * Mean Ol' Train * Caravan Rock

This band is the new californian rockin' sensation: Carlos Gomez on vocals and lead guitar, Ignacio Garcia on slap bass, Dandy Sutphin on rhythm guitar & harmonica and Jesse Gomez on drums. The Hi-Strung Ramblers already visited Europe last year at the german "Let's Get Wild" new years eve weekender, and they'll be back in september of this year for the next "High Rockabilly" festival in Spain. This Record is their first release and is issued by the californian label "Wild Promotions". It's been recorded at the Rock And Bop studio in Los Angeles by Omar Romero (Omar & The Stringpoppers), and you can hear that, the sound is similar as on his last record "Gettin' Wilder": Vintage. This CD contains thirteen tracks, five self penned and eight covers. You'll find a mix of different styles: A majority of wild rockabillies (Roc LaRue's "Baby Take Me Back", Benny Ingram's "Jello Sal", the original "I Belong To You", the Three Ramblers's "Walkin' Talkin' Baby"... ), rockin' blues with harmonica (the original "Hobo Bop" and Papa Lightfoot's "Mean Ol' Train"), and rock'n'roll covers (Rockin' Continentals's "309", Polk Brother's "Caravan Rock"). In common for almost all the tracks, a really strong rhythm section by Ignacio, Dandy and Jesse, and excellent hicuppin' vocals and wild guitar breaks by Carlos. I have two favourite tracks: the wild "Moving On" (Omar's on lead guitar for that one) and the desperate "All That I Need" (both are originals). These guys know how to rock, they prove it with that record.
Wild Presents & Records


Dirty White Bucks * Hi-Q Boogie * Bop Crazy Bop * Worn Out * Rock'n'Roll Guitar * I Wanna Live * Twenty-One Days * Jungle Boy Jack * Speed Limit * Wiggle Walkin' Baby * Hop N' Bop * All the Time

Detroit, Michigan, is principally known for the automobile industry. Things gonna change with this band, the Hi-Q's: Matt Strickland on vocals & rhythm guitar, Paul "Smokey" Cook on lead guitar (former member of the Big Barn Combo), Rudy Varner on the upright bass (former member of the Starlight Drifters), Loney Charles on drums (also a former member of the Big Barn Combo). The band has been quite busy during the last months: High Rockabilly 2004 in Spain, 7th Viva Las Vegas and they will continue: they will be at the Montreal "Red Hot'n'Blue" weekender in october. This CD is released by El Toro Records and consists of twelve tracks: Nine self penned tracks (!!!) by Matt Strickland, and 3 covers (Johnny Knight's "Rock'n'Roll Guitar", Tommy Lam's " Speed Limit" and Sleepy LaBeef's "All The Time"). You'll find on this record rockabilly boppers ("I Wanna Live", "Jungle Boy Jack", "Twenty One Days", "Bop Crazy Bop"...), but also a very good stroller ("Wiggle Walking Baby"), a rockin' blues ("Worn Out") and some wild rockabilly numbers ("Dirty White Bucks", "Rock'n'Roll Guitar"). The strong and frantic vocals by Matt, the solid & energic rhythm section by Rudy and Loney, and last but not least the crunchy & wild guitar breaks by Paul Cook: put all together, this contributes to make the Hi-Q's first LP an excellent album from the first track to the last. My favourite tracks are "Dirty White Bucks", "Hop N' Bop" and "Worn Out".
The Hi-Q's - Hop N' Bop
The Hi-Q's Website


Wizard Of Wax * Rockin' It Country Style * Trappin' Arms * Ghost Town Blues * Double Crossed * Hot-Legged Mama * Bop-A-Rama * So Long Good Bye, I'm Going Home * You Call It Love I Call It Greed * Heartless Dame * Tootsie Coo * I Rekon I Was Wrong * Dirty Track Bop * Hole In My Pocket

The Mean Devils are Pedro Serra (Lead Vocal and Rhythm Guitar), Oscar Gomes (Lead Guitar), Frank Abed (Upright Bass) and Nuno Gomes (Drums). They're from Portugal (except Frank who is french). They appeared in all the main rockabilly festivals during the last three years (Rockabilly Rave, Hemsby, Viva Las Vegas, Let's get Wild, Screamin'...), and toured through Europe and in the United States... Those who haven't seen them live really miss something big, they literally tear the stage up !! This CD is their third album and has been lauched at the 9th Rockabilly Rave last weekend. It has been recorded at the Toe Rag Studios in London, and is edited by Boparama Records from London also: The sound is very, very clean, with a very good production. It consists of fourteen tracks: thirteen self-penned and one cover (Little Jimmy Dickens "Hole In My Pocket"). Among the self penned songs, a majority of excellent rockabilly boppers ("Wizard Of Wax", "Bop-A-Rama", "Double Crossed"...), a bluesy track (Hot-legged Mama), a country ballad ("I Reckon I Was Wrong"), and two tracks more rock'n'roll ("Trappin' Arms", very Carl Mann alike, and "Totsie Coo"); On these last three tracks, note the participation of Jean Pierre, the pianist of the french "Little Lou & The Moonshiners". An excellent third album by an excellent singer (!!!!) and excellent musicians... My favorite song is "Dirty Track Bop".
The Mean Devils - A Date With Devils
The Mean Devils Website 1 The Mean Devils Website 2


Honey Honey * I Missed You * Simmer Down * Don't Tease Me * Radiation Bop * Shake Her Shack * For Always * Flipside Mama * Knock, Knock, Knock * I Stole Today * Write Me A Letter * Hey Mr Plane * That's When It All Went Wrong * Rock And Roll On

This trio is from London: Mick Cocksedge Rhythm Guitar & lead vocals, Big Ed Potter on Lead Guitar and Jose Espinosa on Bass Fiddle. "Radiation Bop! is released by El Toro Records and is the second long play record of the band (first one was "My Baby's Like A Rocket Ship"). It's been recorded at Jose's Studio's, Sisterbelle Studios, London. Fourteen tracks, all self penned. If you're only into wild rockabilly, this record is not for you, but if you like mid-tempo rockabilly bopper and hillbilly bopper, then go for it! The Cordwood Draggers have their own style, the melodies are really, really original (modern sometimes, like on the slow "For Always") with a real rockin' sound. On two tracks ("Shake Her Shack", a hillbilly bop number, & "Hey Mr Plane" a ballad), Ed Potter plays steel guitar, and on two other ones ("Radiation Bop!" & "Rock And Roll On"), a drummer (Johnny Haribo) gives a hand to the rhythm section. My fav numbers are "Radiation Bop!" and "Honey Honey". As Jose Espinosa decided to leave the band after this record, he's been replaced by Nick Hoadley (ex-Bearcat), and Tony Hillebrand join the band on drums. I'm impatient to see this band on stage.
The Cordwood Draggers - Radiation Bop!
The Cordwood Draggers


Fancy Dan & The High Shouters - Backseat Boogie * The Mad Men - Coz Youre My Baby * Granny´s Roosters - Drilling Rig Boogie * Cherry Casino & the Gamblers - Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down * Glenn Honeycutt - A Love Song * Huelyn Duvall - They Ain´t Close To You * The Hi-Q's - Hop & Bop * Jed Clayton & The Rockabouts - Tarzan Rock * Wailin´ Elroys - Havana Affair * Randy Rich & the Poorboys - The Way You Came * Round up Boys - Never Had a Love * Gin Palace Jesters - Lover Not a Fighter * The Chrome Daddies - Gear Up Daddy * Cari Lee & The Contenders - Scorched * Ike and the Capers - Come Into My Arms * Hopped Up! - Hopped Up! * Ronnie Hayward - One Way Ticket * The Tennessee Boys - Burning Miles * The Lazy Jumpers - Tell Me Pretty Baby * Lloyd Trip and the Zipguns - Who's The Fool * Truly Lover Trio - Lonely Blue Dreams * Betsy-Dawn Williams - Outterspace Motorspace Scooter Machine * Vicky Tafoya and the Big Beat - So Young * Eddy & the Backfires - Top Chop Boogie * Doug Wilshire & the Capers - Thought A Little Bit About You (Wilshire) * Cari Lee & The Saddle-Ites - Move on * Cash O´Riley - Two Six Packs * The Lefty Bass Combo - Working Man Blues * Jack Face & The Volcanoes - You’re So Dumb * Hank Ray - Men With Broken Hearts

As the title says, this sampler of thirty tracks is presented by two record companies, the spanish El Toro Records and the german Rhythm Bomb Records. This concept of a modern rockabilly sampler by these two labels is really a good idea because they're really active on today's rockin' scene, and this record is really original: it includes loads of unreleased songs (or not yet released) by the following bands or artists: 'The Round Up Boys' - 'Cherry Casino & The Gamblers' - 'Ike & The Capers' - 'The Tennessee Boys' - 'The Granny's Roosters' - 'Lloyd Tripp & The Zipguns' - 'The Lazy Jumpers'- 'Cari Lee & The Contenders' - 'Ronnie Hayward' - 'Glenn Honeycutt' .... You can also find some songs from the releases of the two labels: 'Jack Face & The Volcanoes' - 'Hi-Q's' - 'Betsy-Dawn Williams' (she's amazing !!) - 'Vicky Tafoya & the Big Beats' - 'Eddy & The Backfires' - 'Doug Wilshire & The Capers' - 'Huelyn Duvall' ... A must-have record according to me, as you can listen to teasers for the two labels (future) releases. 2005 begins very well !! Note that this record costs only 6 euros !!!
El Toro & Rhythm Bomb Records Proudly Present "Perfect For Parties"
El Toro Records Rhythm Bomb Records

I Know * Fearless * She Left me Alone * Fightin' Bop * In The Middle * Lonesome Tears In My eyes * Better Beware * Better Beware * Baby Me * Down The Line * There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight * Overboard * Playin The Fool * Tell Me Your Dreams * Last Time Charmed

The Roy Kay Trio is from Seattle USA: Roy Kay (vocals/Acoustic Guitar), Robin Cady (Upright Bass/Backing Vocals), Mike Geglia (Telecaster/Backing Vocals). Following their excellent first CD "Wanderin' Mind", the guys are back with this long play album produced by Ashley Kingman: "Knockin' Em Back". 14 tracks of pure authentic rockabilly (recorded live on vintage equipments by Wally Hersom) including 3 covers (Hank Williams's "There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight" which is my fav, Buddy Holly's "Down the line", & Rockabilly Trio's "Lonesome Tears In My Eyes") and 11 self-penned tracks. Roy has a really specific voice, that fits wonderfully with rockabilly; he is also a good rhythm guitarist, and together with Robin on Upright Bass, they make you forget that there's no drums, and their music make you stomp your feet. Mike, on Telecaster (I love the sound of this guitar), is a subtle rockabilly guitarist. From Mid tempo songs ("She Left Me Alone", "Overboard"), to faster ones ("Fighting Bop"), the original songs are really good. I had the chance to catch the band live & I haven't been disappointed, so don't miss them at the next Rockabilly Rave. This CD is one of my favourites of the year.
The Roy Kay Trio - Knockin' Em Back
The Roy Kay Trio


I Gotta Know * Didn't It Rock * Hello Blues * Mama Said * Love You Everyday * She's Gone * Train Kept A Rollin' * I Want Some More * Slow Down * Sweet Lovin' Kind * No. 1 * My Little One * Wake Up * Skin & Bones * Spell On Me * (She's) A Mystery To Me * Gonna Snatch Me A Satellite * In Dreams

Mischief! is a trio from Utrecht, Netherlands: Pat on Upright Bass & Vocals, Daze on Guitar & Vocals, Ritchie on Drums & Vocals. 'N°1' is their third long-play studio record. What can I say.... Wow !!!! The guys are really amazing cause they make their own kind of hi-voltage rock'n'roll & rockabilly, modern & authentic in the same time (listen to the cover of 'The Train Keep a Rollin' they made, or the originals 'My Little One' and 'N°1'); amazing also cause they don't sound like a trio, due to the omnipresence of the guitar - without being "noisy" & with a good clean sound - backed by a real solid Slap Bass / Drums section, and also to the good vocal harmonies used on several tracks (the self-penned 'Sweet Lovin' Kind' is a superb example). This CD includes nineteen tracks (cool!!), the six last ones are taken from the previous album, the 10-inches vinyl "Wake Up". Here's a link to the Mischief! website, where you'll find some samples in the Music section (Click on the 10 inches & the 7 inches covers, the tracks are included on this CD):


Nobody's Lover * Thinking Man's Woman * I Ain't Lonely Without You * I Like To Go * I Won't * Son Of A Gun * High On You * Tremble * I Ain't Got No Money * Just Can't Live That Fast * They Made Me Fall In Love With You * Last Word In Lovin' * Fool Of The Day * Why Is Life So Mean * You Put Some Trouble In My Life * April In May * It's Not Too Bad Up Here

Jesse Al Tuscan is a German band from Berlin, mainly made up of Alexander Arndt (Vocal and rhythmic guitar) and Martin Herzog (Lead Guitar). 'Nobody's Lover' is the the band's third album, and like the 2 previous ones ('Real Deal' and '88 AM'), it's issued by Tail Records. Just like '88 AM', this album deal with very different styles: real wild rockabilly (Nobody's Lover), rockabilly (Trembles), country blues (I Like To Go), sixties ballads (High On You), 60' S with violin (!!) (They Made Me Fall In Love With You), jazzy ballad (Fool Of The Day) etc... the whole with a vintage sound which is excellent. The obvious point is the talent of the singer (the man with the giant micro), he adapts easily his voice to the different styles and emphasizes all the songs without exception: even the ballads are well accepted for who has generally problem to bear them. 17 tracks, including 12 self-penned, and one track written by Eva Eastwood (like on 88 AM). I very, very highly recommend this CD.
Jesse Al Tuscan


You're So Dumb * Guitar Man * Mama Mama * Do You Ever Think Of Me * Say When * Walkin' And Cryin' * Buzzin' Bee * I'm Doin' All Right * Raw Deal * Just Rockin' * Tell Me * I've Got Some News For You * Henpecked Daddy * Cryin' Blues

Jack Face & The Volcanoes are a new french trio from Toulouse, formed by long time actors of the scene of this town : Sylvain Fourdrinier - Vocal & rhythm guitar (member of John Jack & Jill, The Orientals and The Hula Trio); Stéphane 'SEG' Celotto - Lead guitar (ex-member of King Size and Battling Jack & The Racketeers); Jean-Noel Longo - Bass (ex-member of King Size). This CD includes fourteen tracks recorded at the beginning of this year at WDD Records studio (Stéphane Celotto's vintage equipment studio, DIY, you'll be satisfied !) and issued by El Toro Records. As they define it themself, their style is between Country Blues and Rockabilly; and they are very good at that: the samples I've heard remind me of the best Don Cavalli's stuff. Some links for samples and to order the CD:
Jack Face & The Volcanoes
El Toro Record - Jack Face & The Volcanoes


Billy Jo * Work With It * Baby You've Been To School * Hey Mr DJ * High Voltage * Night Train * Rocket In My Pocket * Take My Heart * Honky Tonk Stomp * Can't Do Without You * True Lovin' * Flip Flop Mama

Roy Thompson is also known as Olivier Laporte, ex-Wild Goner from Bourges. Expatriate to Canada, he formed this band, Roy Thompson & His Royal Acadians. Their first CD is a wonder for who likes rockabilly and rock'n'roll with blues accents; This very 'roots' tone is mainly due to the guitar sound and Frank D'Amour's very expressive playing, he's excellent. Twelve tracks (only...): three self-penned, and good covers, especially of the excellent Johnny Jano's 'High Voltage', Charles Page's 'Baby You've Been To School', and Eddie Bond's 'Flip Flop Mama', This one pays homage to them by a note on the CD cover. It seems that the choice of the covers is very 'Louisiana Rock'n'roll' directed (Goldband label, and also a cover of a Dale Hawkins track), but that's totally normal for Acadians!! This album was recorded at Frank Abed's Space Mobile Studio (Paris), artwork was made by Oscar Gomes, the Mean Devils guitarist. The band (which apparently split) will be at the 9th Rockabilly Rave and will back Eddie Bond for the occasion.
Space Mobile Studio - Roy Thompson & His Royal Acadians


Dreamin' Love Affair * I'm Glad My Baby's Gone * She's Mine * Best Dressed Beggar In Town * I'm Gonna Move * Nancy * Dry Run * Kathleen * Leave My Woman Alone * Run Baby Run * Big Bad Wolf * Don't Be Square * She's A Sweetie * Blue Swinging Mama

First release for this french band from Bourges, formed by ex-Wild Goners (Dominique 'Freddy' - Lead Guitar; Laurent 'Boozy Al' - Slap Bass; David 'Big Bear' - Battery) and the singer Earl (Laurent, Rhythm Guitar). This CD is issued on Juan Rodriguez swiss label 'Blue Lake Records' (JCR records), and as usual, the sound is totally 'vintage', and this is perfectly appropriate to the style of the band (wild rockabilly tracks , 'Dry Run', rockabilly ballad, 'Kathleen'...). Fourteen tracks (including four self-penned) and the artwork realized by Steph, the Web designer of 'Iron In Progress' website . My favourite track is the self-penned 'Leave My Woman Alone'. A lil link for samples of this CD and to order it:
Blue Lake Records Catalog
Earl & The Overtones


Very good evening at the Metro Club in London, for the Metro Rockabilly Club with Omar & The String Poppers on. Special event for the release of Omar's 45 rpm "My Baby Don't Breathe / Connie Lou". Omar was backed by the following String Poppers (same band as on the the 45 rpm): Ignacio Garcia on bass; Danny Angulo on lead guitar (ex-Rip Carson & the Twilight Trio); Jeff Gerow on drums. A two hours set real wild (and washed down with Tequila), with lots of songs from the first two albums, and some of the future third album (among these "My baby don't breathe" and "Connie Lou"): watch it.... The Metro Club is very cool, a nice venue in London town centre, full with rockers (150 people approximately); The gigs are generally followed by a Record Hop until 04:00 o'clock. I recommend it; personnaly I'll go there again.
Metro Rockabilly Club